Here at Pagosa Dental Implant Center, we take great pride in the care that we provide for our patients. We have built ourselves a reputation throughout the years by going above and beyond. Take a look below to see what our past patients have to say about us.

I have a family history of weak enamel and dental issues. My father and his family all had dentures by the time they were in their forties. My problems began at an early age with many fillings and having to have teeth removed. Over the past sixty years I have had to spend a small fortune trying to save my natural teeth. I have done about every dental service known to man to try and keep them but eventually I was losing them one by one. I tried false teeth at one point but those didn’t work either. Due to my lack of teeth I had to be very selective about what I could eat. Foods like raw vegetables, corn on the cob, apples and steak I had to give up. I used to be the guy who would laugh at anything but I had to start covering my mouth with my hand anytime I wanted to laugh so that people would not see the black holes at my gum line.

When my last molar failed a few months ago I went to Dr.Thornell at Pagosa Dental Implant Center to have this tooth pulled. We discussed removing the tooth but Dr.Thornell was also concerned about the other missing teeth and how this was affecting the rest of my body. He explained the different options of replacing my teeth to regain my dental health and quality of life. I felt like the best plan for me was to have permanent fixed teeth so I chose the All-on-4 dental implant procedure. This option was going to give me back the closest thing to real teeth as possible. My wife asked many questions regarding the procedure and was very happy with the time Dr.Thornell and his staff took to answer every one. We were both pleasantly surprised with how well everything went and there was minimal discomfort after everything was done.

I could not be happier with the experience Dr.Thornell and his staff provided. I now can eat all the kinds of food I had to give up on and no more feeling bad or being embarrassed about my smile. I have been telling everyone around me to look at my new teeth! I do feel different about myself and it really shows to others. After watching my parents, my aunts and uncles struggle with dentures, I made a conscious decision to never have false teeth like they had. The All-on- 4, Teeth in A Day procedure has been a major blessing in my life because I now have a full set of natural looking teeth without the hassle and discomfort of dentures.

Bernie B.

Life Changing Care

My teeth were falling apart from years of soda, sugar and drug abuse to the point they were not able to be fixed. One more bite of food could mean another broken tooth. It was painful to chew my food every time I tried to eat. I had no self confidence and couldn’t smile anymore because my teeth were broken, chipped and cracked.

After meeting with Dr.Thornell, he explained that there was hope for my situation and that I could get my health and smile back again with dental implants and new beautiful teeth. He and his staff were caring and attentive through the whole process and made this experience great. The results were well worth the time and money. My mouth is no longer in pain and I can eat anything I want to. This has changed my life so much. Thank you over and over Dr.Thornell. I am so happy I can smile again!
– K. Douglas

R. Scott Powell, Client and now friend

tribute to excellence

At age 68, I have met many professionals in many fields and experienced some of the worst and met a few TRUE professional experts in their own fields. So, as I begin this detailed tribute to a true professional, I must first thank Dr. Thornell aka “Dr. Bill,” his wife, Sherry, and his staff for the warm, caring, and reassuring environment they provide. It was truly relaxing and experience as I have ever had when having dental work done, as I am the coward of dentistry.

My history is simple. As a teen, I had the teeth that provided the desired effect on the opposite sex and a good smile made life notable. At 20, it was time to serve our country, one way or another, draft or enlist. Life had its ups and downs then. So, I enlisted for specific duties and followed a career path that I was pursuing; but, then was side-tracked, with my being selected for Officer Candidate School while in basic. I would up serving as an Army officer for seven years in Germany, the U.S., and a tour in Vietnam. I must make note that my dental care in the service, at that time, was good. However, in the years following Vietnam, for those who served during that time, we later learned about Agent Orange contamination and its effects, including developing diabetes and brittle teeth, which plagued me until meeting Dr. Thornell, and more. A little more than a year ago, I had an appointment to have my miserable teeth evaluated by Dr. Thornell. He provided a completely thorough and well-documented exam with the latest MRI equipment available. This surprised me to some extent; as we are in tiny little Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Afterwards, Dr. Thornell, in his quiet and professional voice, explained that what was left of my teeth was not really restorable. Some could be rebuilt; the broken neglected remnants at the gum line would have to come out to protect my overall health.

With this discussion, my original inquiry was about implants, as I had explored the idea before coming to Colorado. Dr. Thornell explained how they work and it was his specialty; however, with the number of teeth I had missing, it would probably not be a good idea to do individual teeth. He provided a detailed explanation, putting me on the trail to a new mouth and smile, with full implant dentures. We worked out a plan with a thorough explanation of all the steps and details. To my delight, and before I could ask, he explained all work could and would be done by him, in his office; as he was an implant specialist, and his office was equipped as such. There would be no travelling to Durango or Farmington, as was required by some other dental facilities. This was much of what had prevented me from having this type of work done in the past, having to see two to four other dentists to accomplish the process. His one-stop shop capability was what I needed to get on with a new mouth — it did instill confidence!

Over the months that followed, due to the neglect and severity of my dental condition, my gums and bone structure needed reconstruction, including bone grafting, shaping the bones in order to get a quality fit for the future. All of this, probably, had me experience many or most elements of his services that are required to accomplish the results that I have, including MRI, x-ray, laser surgery, bone grafting, and contouring, removal of “the mouth full of dental mess” and more. It was all done efficiently and as painlessly as I have ever experienced. Dr. Thornell had assured me in the beginning that comfort and pain control was a top priority in the process, and he demonstrated just that. Again, I am the COWARD of dentistry and would not make these statements if not 100% true. While being treated, I noticed new credentials appeared on the back office wall. Dr. Thornell had just received the highest credential possible in implant dentistry. As explained to me; it is the equivalent of a PhD in his specialty and took many years of work, study, and research to achieve this level of recognition for his skill and professionalism. I believe he is too modest and humble to acclaim his noteworthy accomplishment. However, it certainly shows in the service provided with his dedication to providing the finest services, whether it is good dental care service or the highest level implant specialty, available today; anywhere in the U.S.A. and RIGHT HERE IN PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO. Let me say, I do not believe any implant or denture implants will be the same as the originals (or most) that we were given in the beginning. However, if you need the finest dental care or correction to achieve dental health, as I desperately did, you would be very lucky to meet and receive care from Dr. Thornell and his staff.

Today, I have a smile that has been missing for quite a few years. Those that do not know of my dentures would never know that I even have dentures. They are solid, having the best fit possible. Yes, I now eat steak and apples and corn on the cob, most anything I wish to. Everyone should be so fortunate to have access to this kind of care and professionalism.

To my truly professional dental specialist:
I sincerely thank you, again, for the fine results I have experienced.

Karen Knisley

Excellent Service

All of my life, I have been self-conscious about my front teeth. As a young girl, I suffered cruel comments and didn’t smile much in order to hide my teeth. When I did smile, I would often cover my mouth with my hand. As a young adult, I tried braces but was not really satisfied with the result and I was still very self-conscious.

Soon after moving to Pagosa Springs in 2014, I started experiencing pain in a front tooth that had been capped years before. After putting it off for about a year, I contacted Dr. Thornell to see if he could make a new crown. It was determined that a crown wouldn’t work and I would need a dental implant. After some hesitation I decided to follow his advice. During the process, we discussed the fact that my other front teeth were chipped and discolored and would not match the new implant and I probably would still not be happy with the end result. In the end, I had five teeth capped and one implant.

All of my life, I have suffered anxiety attacks at the thought of going to a dentist and this time was no different except for Dr. Thornell and his staff. I did suffer anxiety but everyone in the office recognized my problem and were great to work with. I couldn’t have done it without their support.

The bottom line for me is that I love my teeth today. For the first time in my life, I feel free to smile in public. It’s a great feeling. People compliment me on my smile and I love it.
I am 63 years old and for the first time I can laugh and smile without thinking of my crooked teeth. I have never felt better about myself. Thank you Dr. Thornell and everyone at Pagosa Dental. I feel great and no longer feel anxiety when thinking of my dentist and his team.

Michael Thomsen

Thorough care

“My dental journey began in socialist Poland where dental care was free. Sounds great, but there’s always a catch. The care provided was minimal and you had to wait for weeks to get an appointment. The dentistry may have been free but there was still a price to pay. All treatment was done without any anesthesia! Today, I am a marine engineer and have sailed to many different countries around the world. I have used medical and dental services in these foreign lands and in the U.S., but none have compared to what I have experienced at Dr. Thornell’s practice.

Dr. Thornell was recommended to me by a real estate agent in town who was helping me buy a townhome. Just to make sure the doc was ok, I sent my wife in to see him first. She came back with her dental problem perfectly taken care of and I decided to jump in as well. One has to be careful, you know.

My first appointment with Dr. Thornell was just a conversation about my story and he listened patiently as I expressed my concern about what had happened to my teeth over the years. He made no judgments and helped me understand that sometimes teeth can break down over time but we can make things healthy again. Having talked with other dentists in the past about my problems was disappointing, but the day I left Dr. Thornell’s office I had hope for the first time.
Over the years, I have lost teeth and have worn the rest of them down significantly. Frankly, I didn’t smile or laugh like I used to and it bothered me a lot. Dr. Thornell did his examination and explained in clear understandable language what I was facing if I continued to let my problems ride. He discussed what was possible and necessary to save all my teeth and give me the confidence to smile again. At that point I knew I was in the right hands to take care of my challenging situation.Being an engineer, I appreciate being informed minute by minute of what the doctor is doing and why. I know many doctors hate patients like me. Dr. Thornell, however, kept me informed throughout the whole process, which instilled even more confidence in his expertise. Seems like the term “good enough” does not exist for him. He kept telling me that every step along the way had to be perfect. The care he and his staff gave me before, during, and after treatment was beyond expectation. The smoothies they brought me after each appointment were over the top.

I love my new teeth and have smiled and laughed with more confidence in the last few days than I have in the last few years. One other important thing I need to add — the time required to do this very extensive work was shortened because of my sailing schedule. Dr. Thornell completed all my treatment with time to spare and kept his promise to complete this project before I left the country.”

Emergency care

“Dr. Thornell came to our rescue on a Sunday afternoon when my 7-year-old son got his front tooth knocked out snowboarding at Wolf Creek. Dr. Thornell splinted my son’s tooth until we could get back home to Texas and see a pediatric dentist. Since time is crucial in these situations, we were so grateful that Dr. Thornell was willing to come into the office on a Sunday afternoon and take care of our son! His office even called the next day to check on my son. Thank you so much!”
– Fawn G.

Genuine care

“I am so thankful for the professionalism of Dr. Thornell and his interest in detail of examination of the whole mouth. Two years ago I went in for an implant consult, and am so thankful for his ability, as he was able to detect a hidden infection that was destroying the bone in my jaw, and was beginning to invade the sinuses. That day he spent the time to do the emergency surgery to save the jaw and stop the infection, which would have invaded my sinus cavity. Because of his diligence in keeping up with the latest knowledge, Dr. T was able to graft in the destroyed area of my jaw, and over several months, the bone was able to grow and heal. Later I received an implant which has been a godsend for me. I know Dr. T is my first choice for dentistry and beyond — his practice is one where you know you come first, one of genuine concern for the patient.”
– Jackie C.

Superb services

“I am very happy with Doctor Thornell. I am getting implants and I am very satisfied with his work. Him and his people are very good at their work.”
– Kathleen W.

Improving your smiles

“I want to thank Dr. Thornell and his staff for taking such good care of me during my dental treatment. Loved the smoothies after each appointment! I can’t believe my new smile, you have changed my life. You’re the best!”
– Michael T.